DIY Planters, from Kitsch to Cute

DIY Planters, from Kitsch to Cute

Are you thinking about adopting a little plant friend? Maybe you already have one and you want to liven it up. These 31 DIY planters will add some pizzazz to your home or garden, plus they are fun to make and incredibly cute.

They range from easy to difficult, so you can invest as much time as you want into this project. Don’t have much patience and want things done fast? That’s fine. Want something to keep you occupied for hours on end? That’s also fine.

There are a range of styles that appeal to guys, gals, young and old. Some are made for inside, while others are perfect for an outside garden.

This list was compiled by The Spruce. If planters aren’t your thing, you can check out their website for all kinds of DIY crafts and projects that will make your home sing with happiness.

dinosaur planter

pineapple planter