Getting Creative with an Avocado

Getting Creative with an Avocado

Whimsical little forest creatures have been carved out of avocado seeds, by the creative Jan Campbell.

She came up with the idea in 2014, when she was making her lunch and “opened a perfectly ripe avocado as a special treat. It struck [her] that the stone [she] found inside the avocado was a particularly beautiful one. [She] had never really paid special attention to any avocado stone before. It dawned on [her] that [she] was holding a substantial object in my hand, one with a lot of potential. It felt like a shame to just throw it into the compost. After deliberating over it for a few minutes, [she] wiped the stone clean and put it into the pocket of my raincoat.”

After accidentally scraping the seed with her keys, Campbell noticed the orange pigment inside and decided to carve it.

Her creations are clever, intricate and beautiful.

Campbell has a website and Etsy store, called ‘Avocado Stone Faces’, where she sells her creations. She is constantly creating new masterpieces, but you must be quick! They sell out within minutes.


Avocado Seed Carving Avocado seed carving Avocado Seed Carving

Image source: Jan Campbell