Faux Taxidermy. Dinosaurs, Unicorns and Other Delights.

Faux Taxidermy. Dinosaurs, Unicorns and Other Delights.

Faux taxidermy is the work of Etsy stall ‘hodihomedecor’.

‘Hodi’ is Swahili for ‘welcome to come in’, and is a common greeting in East Africa and Kenya. Each item is created by artist, and former advertising extraordinaire, Julia.

All creations are made from resin. They are then hand painted, with a variety of colours for you to choose from. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, a quirky living room, or any space that needs some livening up. There are a variety of creatures, from real-life animals, to mythical species.

We particularly like the electric blue dinosaur leaping out from the wall.

Prices start at US$16 for smaller, stand-alone items, and US$59 for the larger, wall-mounted pieces.

For those who don’t know, Etsy is an amazing online marketplace, which displays unique, home-made creations from independent sellers. Have a peruse of some of its other stores to discover more new and exciting designs in the realm of jewellery, homewares, and clothing.