Joffre Lakes, Canada. A Sight for Even the Sorest Eyes.

Joffre Lakes, Canada. A Sight for Even the Sorest Eyes.

Joffre lakes make your eyes water, because they have never witnessed anything so glorious… or it could be from the blazing sun. We’re not sure.

Either way, Joffre lakes are beautiful.

Located in British Columbia, Canada, these beauties are approximately three hours drive from Vancouver. There are three different, spectacular lakes to be seen. The first is a short walk from the car park, and although beautiful, is probably the least magnificent of the three. The second can be reached via a 1 hour hike up a fairly steep slope. This is arguably the most beautiful lake, showing off sparkling turquoise blue waters, which make for the perfect, obligatory selfie.

The third lake is the most difficult to access, but the hike is worth it. Once the top has been reached, the landscape opens up to reveal snowy mountains in the background, glaciers, another stunning lake and a rocky mountain, which can also be climbed. This lake also has crystal blue waters, which you can swim in if you don’t mind the cold. All the lakes are glacier fed, making them icy cold, even during the hottest summer days.

The lakes achieve their spectacular color, due to light reflecting off the glacial silt particles, which are suspended in the water.

The hike passes through some beautiful forestry and a rushing river. It is moderate in difficulty, as it has some steep inclines, and a few obstacles, such as tree roots and rocks. However, the path is a frequently used, and clearly marked.

The hike covers a total of 11 kilometres (round trip), and you can expect it to take 4-5 hours.

The upper-most lake contains a camp site, for those willing to carry their belongings up the hiking trail.

This is a must see destination in the summer time. In the winter, the path becomes over-run with snow and ice, making it a dangerous trek.