Matcha Madness! Matcha Breakfast Brûlée.

Matcha Madness! Matcha Breakfast Brûlée.

Matcha madness is taking over the world and we love it. We’re talking matcha ice-cream, matcha latte’s, matcha french toast (yes it’s a thing!), matcha cakes and more.

A finely ground and powdered green tea, matcha possesses a savoury, earthy flavour, which is perfect for desserts that aren’t too sickly sweet. It doesn’t taste like green tea leaves, or your typical green tea. I repeat, does not taste like green tea leaves! So for those of you who aren’t green tea aficionados, do not despair. Matcha may surprise you and could be right up your alley. Plus it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

This recipe is for a Matcha Breakfast Brûlée will leave you salivating. It’s made with greek yoghurt, honey, and yes… a bit of sugar.  But overall, it’s fairly healthy.

This delectable dish is created by Snixy Kitchen, run by California gal Sarah, a mathematics educator, turned domestic goddess. She suggests this Brûlée is perfect for breakfast, due to the energising, yet calming effects of matcha.

“Unlike other green tea, matcha plants are shaded for about 3 weeks before harvest, which fills them with theanine – together with caffeine, this combo triggers a calm alertness without the jolt & crash associated with coffee.”

Sounds good to us! As if we needed another excuse to devour this breakfast delight.